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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Perfect - The Prize

The prize is the first in a new series I'm writing called 'Perfect'.

Book 1 is out now and available from Amazon.

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A meeting for sex at a BDSM club turns sour for Caro Jones.  An outcome made even more unfortunate because the man who uses her so harshly is her Mr. Perfect.   The club owner, the hard, sexually voracious Conrad Blaine suggests Caro take his test, a test to see if she is a suitable material to become his next sub.  She accepts but the brutal way he uses her body leaves her cold.  But despite this she is smitten by the man and when he suggests she try again she can’t resist.

A little teaser for you .....

She felt him circle her mound again, this time with just one finger.   He was leaning over her, his head bent close to his target and taking his time, teasing her with anticipation.  He pressed against her clit ever so lightly.  His single finger moved slowly up and down over the swelling bud, slipping easily between her oiled labia.

Caro was transported, this was both achingly good and torture too.  He had teasing down to a fine art and he was making her wait for the ultimate pleasure with vengeance!

Blaine watched her body throb, watched her clitoris swell and quiver as he tickled over her sensitive slit, as his finger slid in and out between her velvet folds.  The minutes passed but still he worked slow and deliberate, the movement of that one finger hardly altering.  He could feel her need.  As he hovered over her entrance he could feel the heat and see the muscular spasms that were desperately seeking to suck him in.

The power he had over women like Caro entranced him and he used it well.  He knew the slow continual rubbing of his fingertip as it slid gently over her clit, almost but never quite going inside her, would be driving her wild with frustration.

“Beg Caro,” he whispered leaning over her, his lips just touching hers.  “Beg and I’ll fuck you,” he offered finally.

If you want more then you'll have to get the book ....


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lacey's Books

Punishing the Dom  available from Amazon

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The way Greg sees it he has no choice. If he wants Grace in his life then he has to do as she wants. He has to let her restrain him and do her worst with that crop of hers. And what does he get in return – what is his reward for satisfying her kinky, wanton lust? A big sweet nothing – no love – no touching – no sex. So when Greg finally sees the light and the opportunity presents itself what is a man supposed to do? The tables are turned and now it’s Grace who is naked, restrained and at his mercy – so let the fun begin 

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Stripped, Chained & Taken by the Gang - A tale of what can befall a girl if her brother leaves her to deal with the money lenders on her own!

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Teaser from Stripped, Chained and Taken by the Gang ....

“Look girlie,” Jonny smirked.  “He’s going to get to play with your cute, little pussy soon anyway so why put up a fight?  Just let him get on with it and we might go easy on you.”

Another bolt of something Stacy didn’t understand hit her clit.  But she couldn’t move, she sat rooted to the spot as Ollie’s hands now moved up over her thigh.

But Jonny Barton had waited long enough.  He positioned himself so he could watch the action comfortably and now the only action he wanted to see was his brother maul her sweet pussy.

“Get your fucking panties off, slut then sit back, spread your legs and let him play,” he growled at her fast losing patience.

He pushed her back and chuckled as Stacy instantly started to wriggle her flimsy, white panties down her legs.

Jonny Barton grinned, his brother was a novice, and he’d fumble and probably hurt her with his heavy hands and prodding fingers.  But she’d get the real, hard stuff soon enough and the lad needed the practice.  Jonny nodded at Ollie, giving him his permission.

“Go to it, boy,” he instructed smirking at Stacy again.

Ollie pushed Stacy back and dragged her right leg up over his knee.  She was still clutching her panties and he snatched them from her and put them in his jacket pocket.

“I’ll play with them later,” he grinned at her.  Then in one move his hand was on her pussy, stroking and rubbing at the fine, blonde hair on her mound and she could see his face begin to redden and his brown eyes cloud with lust.

She stifled a gasp.  She was desperately trying to hide her growing need from him and the others.  He was slow and it was obvious from his inept movements that he didn’t really know what to do.  She shuffled across the seat slowly so her ass was on the edge and her pussy gaped a little and  easier to enter.  She was silently pleading with him to push his fingers inside her or even massage her hardening clit.

------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Taken & Used, Taken & Used 2, Taken & Forced, Taken as Payment - The Taken series follows Alice as she is taken by her first master and uses her fully to satisfy his own desires and after several adventures where he 'tests; her, she ends up with a second master who abuses her even more.  Heavey on the BDSM and of course, the sex.

Legs Wide Open & Panties off, Legs Wide Open & Pussy on Show, Legs Wide Open & Take Your Punishment - the Legs Wide Open series - poor Anna - sold to one master who abuses her terribly even to the point of piercing her most delicate and intimate area - several times.

Use me Hard, Sir, Use me Hard, Sir 2 (The Awakening) - an erotic romance between Lisa & Luke.  Lisa has always wanted a man to come her way who'd use, abuse and humiliate her sexually and now he has.  But is she up to suffering the ordeals he'll put her through?  Heavy on the BDSM

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 All these books and others of mine are available from Amazon